Boom, Pow, Gym, Suck My Balls

My gym has the worst music.  Without any doubt, I will hear some fucking Weeknd song while I am in there.  It’s not conducive, whatsoever, to working out.  Sometimes, when I hear something incredibly annoying, or something catchy, I google the lyrics.  I Discovered that one of the worst songs I had ever heard was a Taylor Swift song.  I don’t even want to write about it here because it will start to creep into my thoughts.  If you’re looking for it, it’s the one with the anti climatic hook like some disney princess thinking about her true love.  Swift is really a disney princess.

I have an ex who’s sister tries to be a disney princess, but that’s not for here and now. Let’s start spiraling to a point:  when I was locked up in reception, the week was split into days of which a race group controlled the television.  The CDCR provides access to radio stations through the television.  Truly radio on the television.

 One or two days a week, on white day, they’d play all the hits from the 90’s.  It was an MTV rerun from when I was a freshman in high school.  The other white day was country, which really modern country is the equivalent to modern pop.  Pure basura.  Sometimes I we got hit with Christian music and that is the absolute worst.  Paisa/Southerner day was Mexican style but late night they’d play these eclectic soul jams.  I gotta say the scariest thought I ever had while I was in prison was one night I was sitting on my bunk in cell 138, nodding my head to some soul jam, thinking “this isn’t so bad……”

But mostly I remember the black channel.  It wasn’t exclusively black artists. But it was a cavalcade of garbage nonetheless.

“You used to call me on your cell phone” aka Drake, “Hotline Bling” and “0 – 100”.  That assbag should be silenced.  But the worst part of it?  PEOPLE LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE SONGS.  It’s true, you cannot buy good taste and apparently it’s not a common genetic feature of our species.  

But Drake isn’t really to blame.  It’s Kanye’s fault.  He brought that sort of Emo rap out to the forefront for the majority of rap listeners.  White guys were doing it for a while before, (eg. Anticon) but Kanye is the one responsible for bringing that mainline train to the station  He made that song with Rhianna and McCartney, “Four five seconds”.  Holy shit.  What a cacophony of dumpster fire.  Now Kanye is saying he’s 53 million in debt and is e-panhandling on twitter to get Suckerberg to bail him out.  *


Taylor Swift was played on the black channel when I was in the pen.  If only my memory wasn’t shit, I could remember the channels call sign.  At any rate, she also plays on my gyms station non stop.  The main culprit is that song “Wildest Dreams” with the most garbage ass anti climatic sigh I have ever fucking heard.  Seriously, how do people eat this stuff up?  Why is she so rich when her music is such boring garbage?  Why do they have to play it on repeat at my gym?  I know I said I wouldn’t talk about this but I had to.


Carly Rae Jepson is to me what Taylor Swift is to the world.  Her album E*Mo*Tion is a highly underrated 80’s throwback album.  Shit, her song “Gimmie Love” uses that sort of doe eyed love sigh that Tswift was going for in “Wildest Dreams” except Carly hits out of the park.  I’m endlessly mocked for my enjoyment of this album, but you know what?  I don’t give a fuck.  This shit is tight.  There are a few jams that are way too sugar coated to deal with, namely “Really Like you”.  But no one’s perfect.  Plus Jepson had an allstar lineup of cats co-writing her album with her.  So did Twsift but obviously Jepsons crew made the right decisions.  You can never really go wrong having Sia Furler co-write a song with you.  That chick’s got chops.



Another white girl pop song that makes me want to put a screw driver in my inner ear is a song by Ellie Goulding called “Why I got you on my mind”.  Seriously, this song has one of THE WORST hooks I’ve ever heard.  The chorus is choppy like a robot that chants in Mandarin while dicing broccoli.  Then there’s the drop and she robotically chants “I think I could’ve really liked you.”  


There’s a common denominator here between Twsifts and Gouldings songs.  That lowest common denominator is Swedish writer/producer Max Martin.  Thanks Max, you fucking truck, for your aural pollution on a global scale.  May your kharma never be forgiven.  


Then there’s Adele.  Look, if you have any sort of musical inclination, you have to respect her.  She’s got some admirable pipes and range.  Same with that Florence chick from the Machine.  They’re both exceptional singers, but I cannot abide by Adele.  I gave that new album of hers a listen through, or well I tried.  But it’s all about the unmanageability of her feelings and relationships.  It’s a steady whine and cryin fest and it’s painfully hard to listen to this chick.  I’m not saying it’s bad per se.  I’m just saying it’s tough to listen this gal carry on when she should probably be celebrating being able to get laid.


Ever tried to be a fat guy and try to get laid?  The types that are willing to bed down a fat guy are few and far between and the quality of said types are dismal at best.  But a fat gal? Shit she deserves the next Adonis no less and he better not smoke.  Fucking hell it’s miserable being a fat person.  Miserable on the inside and miserable on the outside.

But guess what?  I’m not actually complaining about that.  I’m complaining about the garbage ass music that’s being played at my gym while I try to remedy my fatness.  Yeah that’s right, this is a rant about shitty gym music, not about the difficulties of acquiring any pussy, let alone quality pussy.

See, people discriminate against fat people on a visceral level.  They don’t consciously do it, but a fat person is a gross and keen example of a lack of self respect.  So people will have unconscious body language that says they think the fat person is less than human.  Fat people do it too. Because deep down, people don’t like fat people.  

So it’s hard.  It’s hard to be a fat person.  It’s hard to be a fat person at the gym.  It’s hard to be a fat person at the gym lifting to a shitty music station.  It’s hard to be a fat person lifting at the gym to a shitty music station that reminds him of prison. But I keep doing it.


And I haven’t even started on how hard it is to deal with that assbag of a cunt Arianna Grande.


Stay up fat guys, you’ll get there, just keep lifting and eat clean.


* I wrote this in February so I’m a bit behind on publishing this shit.  Sorry not sorry, motivation sometimes sinks deep in these couch cushions. I’m not on a couch.


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