I Heard that Lonesome Whistle Blow.

Is any one around here anymore?  It’s been a while folks, about 13 months in all reality, at least here on this site.  The events of this past year were enough to give me a strong sense of cosmic whiplash, the irony of my last post and twitter ramblings, well, that there is the divine between the lines.  To be honest with you all, I don’t exactly remember doing those.  I mean to say, I do recall writing a post in April, last year and I do recall using twitter in May of last year, but the specifics were foggy at best by the time I could once again, observe these walls.  I’d love to say that I walked away, to cleanse myself of the impurities and distractions of the interwebs, but I am unable to do so.

Sometimes, things fall apart.  Let’s just say, I’ve got enough experience with things falling apart that it’d be difficult to consider me a novice any more.  It comes in cycles over a period of years.  The first time things fall apart, that’s a fluke.  If you don’t know what it’s like, you can’t see it coming.  But after that, there’s no excuse, because hindsight is 20/20 and you can look back and see that you could see the fall coming.  It’s like when you’re on a good nod, for those of you who have ever been there.  You might be in the kitchen grabbing some water because the dope has stolen all your moisture and you’re feeling a bit dry.  You’re noddin, but you make it to the kitchen.  You place both your palms on the counter, the cabinet with the glasses seems a light year away.  Taking a second to look down at your hands on the counter, gravity decides to take over.  The counter is getting closer. Oh shit, here it comes.  Oh shit it’s getting closer.  Oh fuck, I’m going to hit the fucking counter.  Bam.  Forehead, meet counter.

That’s what it feels like when you feel things might fall apart.  It’s happening, but it feels like perpetual motion is already locked in and there’s no way to bail.  It’s like  when your opponents knight is in a position to check your king and attack your rook at the same time.  You’re going to take a loss there, but you’re king so save yourself.  Your rook, your castle is expendable, but you are not.  I am not.

So things fell apart, as they’re wont to do on occasion and I ended up spending a year in California State Prison.  Well, technically, 10 months, as I spent two in a county facility before I trundled onto the grey goose.  And if we’re going to get specific, I ended up at 4 different prisons since July of last year.  Cali Prison tour 2014-15.

I’ve been locked up before, the last time being about 8 years ago, for a 5 month stint in a county facility.  I looked at it with dread and a huge amount of anger.  But this time around, when I was looking down the barrel of a year in a state facility, it was just something I had to do and I did it.  What choice did I have?  Youngster ain’t got no choice to make, he made the choice months before even getting popped, and that’s the cold truth.

Stating it like the above makes it seem a bit nonchalant.  Oh yeah, hi and well met fellas, gee, yeah, I was gone for a year.  Not up to much, just you know, doing time.  Countin’ days you know?  Oh you don’t?  Well then, I guess there’s a few things I could tell you.  But I’m not going to go into all of that at this time.  It was one hell of an experience, and one I’ll never forget.  But I’m not going to get too far into it right now.  Live and learn, and I learned a lot.  Also, I’m not going to discuss my crime right now.  Let’s just leave it at, I did my time on general population yards, like everyone else who isn’t a baby toucher, mama raper, gang dropout, drug debtor or snitch.

Another interesting thing is, according to wordpress, it’s my anniversary.  That means for going on four years now, I’ve been writing here off and on.  So I took a year off, so to speak. Onward and forward, right now.  That’s all we can ever do, and boy, do I know it better than ever.  With that in mind, I’d like to say, welcome to any new readers, and thank you to those who are still around, or who haven’t disregarded this corner of the internet after a year of absence.  Also, I’d like to say it meant a lot to me to know that some people I’ve met around here were concerned of my whereabouts and well being after I disappeared.  I’ll also kindly request that you bear with me as I’ve not been on a computer but once in the past year and it’s been a little difficult to get my bearings.  Thus, things will be moving somewhat slowly in this fast paced world.  Also, if any of you have questions, drop me a line in the comment section, or hit me up on twitter at Rojo.


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