You Overcome and Become

That’s the gist folks.  Essentially, without trial and tribulations, you’re left with a small wake.  A good, uncommon question to ask yourself, is what have I endured that has lead me to better greatness?  What is it that motivates me to be a better person?

I understand that many cats come to the sphere seeking a method or way to attract the opposite gender.  That’s all good, and I will never, ever knock anyone who comes here for that.  However, I have found that I have issue relating to cats who have never overcome a hardship of dark proposals.  There will not be examples given for that, read my archives and see one man’s efforts.

There is a topic they talk about in 12 step rooms; the bottom.  “You hit your bottom and you’re left with no hope and no where to go so you come here and seek answers, the answer is the 12 step program.  Praise Bill, praise the steps.”

No, I don’t praise any of those.  As I illustrated before, there are a few things that plague me with issues.  The voices don’t matter. What matters is what I do with myself.  Some days, I can barely get out of bed.  Some days, I hit the streets with a vengeance.

I never look down on a cat who has no home, because I for myself know, we are all a few steps away from being the same.  The major theme of this here rant is compassion.  I write about being compassionate to your fellow man.  I do this, because there are many steps to improvement.

You cannot ever move past your past motivators without seeing them for what they are.  What is essential, is introspection.  It’s a difficult process and quite possibly will not make sense for many many months.

Some cats get it from the start.

Some cats are still digging in dumpsters.

Some cats, all of the sudden, get their paws ripped out from under them, end up de-clawed and trying to climb a wall.

Without a method of introspection, one cannot climb the wall of transcendental interference.

Look deep, think deep, sit still and make action.

Action, perseverance, and determination are what make the grade.  The bottom is not the end all of all things.  It is not the end of you.  There are many things you can overcome with solely the power of your own mind and self preservation.  Not many on this side of the sphere talk about this.  It’s all, be a fucking alpha, get some strange, be a fucking man, lift your weights, be selfish.

I am not in disagreement with those concepts, however, I think there might be some cats who have been dealing with other issues that might need a push in the right direction.  Depression, schizophrenia, substance abuse, all those things are trials to over come.

They are difficult and without the proper voices to guide you along the way, you will be lost and probably end up going deeper down your dark path.

I have often said on my twitter, “I should be on trial, for all the things I haven’t done.”

This is not a joke, I’ve made some major fuckups in my life, and I have lacked the balls to make some major moves.

I should be on trial.

But thank Odin, the government doesn’t care about me until I break a law in their face.