An All Hallows Flashback: 2 Years, 19 Weeks and 5 Days.

I was going through some stuff and found an old rant I had written after a Broadways show.  To me, it was a great reminder. Many who hear the music I create ask about my “punk” background.  I don’t consider myself a punk, though I did grow up listening to it (amongst oldies and 80’s.)   However, this piece is testament to what punk bands can do to a group of strangers and friends.  Speaking of friends I hope you all are reading the brilliant posts that Ace is throwing up.  Especially this one.

To me the “manosphere“, goddamn that fucking word, the fucking underground Man Movement, found on the internet, is a lot like punk rock.  It takes the fringe and brings it to the center, it makes known what many deeply feel inside though they cannot consciously acknowledge.  Most visitors to this side of the internet can recognize the insidiousness that denial of years and years of lies and misinformation force fed to males can do to societal masculinity.  It’s the same as a punk speaking against the PMRC (link barely touches on the DK tribulations with Tipper Whore. This video is somewhat better.)  Much like the MM, punk rock educates, unifies, and inspires.

With that said here is my flashback post.  This is probably right around one year before the time I began to ingest the red pill.  I have added videos for the songs mention in the piece.  I hope you enjoy.

The totality of today

June 18, 2011, 1:01am

Today I woke up and was down to Healdsburg by 9:30 to meet up with my old friend Dave. We listened to Broken Van all the way down.  We hopped in my ride and rolled on down to San Francisco, met up with Nazro and waltzed down to the Bottom of the Hill.  Being early we hit up the Peruvian taco truck next to Thee Parkside. Then it was time to hit the show.

Midday matinee.

The group that I made the trek to see was The Broadways.

I started listening to this group in 1998.  They had a huge impact on me, both lyrically and musically.  They have frequented my playlist to this day. Their jams have stood up to the test of time.  Their lyrics still carry weight to this day.

My brain is still reeling from the fact that today I saw a band that I believed I would never get to see.  Mike Park made this happen.  The guy is a ruler.

I have so much connected to their music.  Driving down listening to 2nd Grade Cells, I got all misty eyed.  The experiences I have had whilst listening to their music are plentiful.  Even in isolation, I don’t feel as alone with these songs on.  They speak to me, they inspire me, they drive me.

Meeting up at the show with two of my old homies, who share the same sentiments about the music just made the whole thing click.  The band started up, the crowd surged.  I danced my pants off.  Later in the set I turn, and it’s my buddy Dave, we embrace and continue singing.  Again I turn, and it’s Cory, yet another embrace and sing along.  I haven’t had so much fun in the audience of a show, in a long ass time.  The set ended in a triumphant climax with the band playing 15 Minutes as their encore.

I’m not writing this to review the show, or to be like, these guys are gods.  The cats in The Broadways are  people.  They are not superhuman.  However the inspiration that comes from the music is beyond human.  This is what I want to touch on, the feeling of unity that comes with this kind of thing.

There are groups that touch our hearts and souls through the music they play.  These groups vary from person to person.  The common thread is the feeling inside when the music plays, the feeling inside when in the middle of a crowd rocking to the music.  It is so good.  Today I was reminded of all those who have shaped my view and take on music.  All those who have opened my heart to new things.  Today I was reminded of the connectedness punk rock brings to the people it touches.

You cats know what I am talking about.  I’m still reeling.  It was unreal standing outside the venue hearing The Broadways warm up.  It was like, oh shit, this is for real.  I just want to say thank you to Mike Park, Asian Man Records, The Broadways, all the other bands that played today, and everyone who has had a part in my musical evolution.  Thank you.  I don’t know what else to say.


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