On Urgency

I give my dog half a cup of food before I leave for work.
He probably won’t touch it until his obtuse master returns home
The car starts, I always pray it does and I launch my self out on the boulevard.
Every couple seconds some four legged beast speeds by in either direction
It’s a game of betting on the stranger hoping they don’t speed into the tail pipe of my aging vehicle.
We both wouldn’t enjoy that.
I hit the ground running and am up to 40 mph after going about two blocks
In the ever nervous moment of anticipation I glance at the rear view mirror
A grey mini van is charging up the block
My ass is puckered as they attempt to ride it
Two lanes await us and once we both get there
the mini van speeds ahead approaching 50+ mph in a 35.
I just keep going, alone, smoking my cigarette
The van, with the extra seats for kids, and dogs, and playthings
speeds ahead with the urgency of an ambulance.
On a trip back home from a Northern Californian town
with a dready hippy chain smoking rolled American Spirit cigs
in a volkswagon bus
He said that when passing people left and right
on the street or the freeway
the most you get is maybe 5-10 seconds ahead, man.
As I passed the elementary school
the streetlight switched from yellow, to red
and there in front of my aging steed sat the minivan
waiting for the light to turn green.