Single Mom Whisperer

With all this self improvement stuff I’ve been doing, I’ve been getting fit and in shape with a quickness.  I’ve dropped around 35 pounds.  My pant size has changed from a 42 to a 36.  I am wearing size large shirts instead of double XL.  I purchased a basic consultation from Tanner at Masculine-Style and started wearing better fitting clothes and colors that compliment my complexion.  I have an abundance of good inner feelings and this gets projected through my interactions with people through my day to day.  It’s crazy to think that for 13 years of my life I was taking mind altering, prescribed medication to alleviate what I can only attribute to a lack of nutrition.  I thought I ate well, but I had no idea.

About three months ago, I hooked up with a young single mom.  We had a good time, and like Danny says he always does, I was completely upfront with her.  See, I’ve had a few LTR’s and received my share of lumps.  I might go into those further in a future post, but I feel that rehashing my previous betatude is not necessarily beneficial to my psyche.  The most I will say at this point, is I look back on that guy, and I think, WTF!?!?!  Anyhow, I told Carrie that I’m not interested in an LTR and basically just want to have a good time.  That is what we had, no regrets about it.  However, all that had to come to a grinding halt, as Carrie explained in a text message; “I’m getting older and I want a partner, you are perfectly happy being alone.  I care about you a lot but I want more than you are willing to give me.”  I told her she needs to do what makes her happy.  No big deal. It might not be the end, but it’s a possible permanent hiatus.

About three weeks ago, I was on my way to do some work and I saw this cute blonde sitting in our waiting room.  I don’t know exactly why, but I was extremely drawn to this girl.  I see attractive girls every day, but I was like, “damn I want to talk to her.”   Which felt cool, because like I said, I see attractive girls daily but am not inexplicably drawn to them.  Also, this girl was totally not my type, I am usually akin to brunette, petite, olive skinned girls.  This girl was just a little shorter than me, blonde with a unique hairstyle that I am not a fan of.  Strange how the nature of attraction works.  I sent her a smile and moved on to get to work hoping to run into her later.  Of course, I didn’t see her later.  He who hesitates masturbates.

A few days ago, I got a call saying something needed attention in our other building.  I took my time getting over there and when I walk in, I see Blondie sitting there again.  I smiled at her and went in to do some work.  I walk in and am greeted by our three employees saying that Blondie was asking about me and what not.  Honestly, I was a little embarrassed, but I went out and introduced myself and gave her my number.  Turns out she’s a single mom. I was a bit bummed on this.  I asked a couple cats about why I’m a single mom magnet, and Danny said “You’re a single mom magnet? SO WHAT?”  and he’s right.  I’m not looking to wife these chicks up so I might has well just have a good time.  Danny said “dude, as long as you’re honest with a woman from the jump….you are NOT liable for her emotional bullshit down the line. she WILL agree at first thinking she can win you over.”  That is complete truth and I have witnessed it plenty in my history.

When it comes down it, I’m a bit older and the girls I meet, due to my business, and location are more often than not, mothers.  Even the younger ones.  Seems this just the way it is in our day and age.  However, more to note in this post is the dedication to self improvement has turned me around from being an unkempt Johnny Neutron type into a desirable male.  Even Carrie commented “I love how manly you are, I can’t remember the last time I met someone like that.”  Game, set, match.