Droppin like it’s hot.

This is just a short update on my progress towards my fitness and mental well being goals as I am using this blog as a way to document my process and keep myself on the path.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I recently stopped fapping.  It’s been about six weeks. It’s not easy and I am definitely tempted on occasion but I decided to master my own domain, and thus, I have willingly opted out of dating Pamela Handerson.  This decision was based in an effort to raise my testosterone levels.  So far so good.

Another thing I started about three weeks ago was to cut all processed crap out of my diet.  This action was inspired after reading about the “paleo” diet that has been increasing in popularity.  It’s not too tough, and I am not as strict as I probably should be.  I still drink Go-Girls from time to time, and I booze it up pretty regularly, but I have only been drinking spirits.  I have not been eating bread, grains, cheese, starchy roots, and sugar (aside from the alcohol).  My workout routine consists of body weight exercises and sprints.  I do each one alternating days, so sprint one day, body weight the next.   I also listen to my body.  If I am low energy and tired, then I need a day of rest, I let myself have it and I don’t feel guilt around it.

I use the 80-20 rule with my new eating habits and allow myself a day to go off of the normal plan. After the first week, I had some pizza, and it was amazing.  The pizza was not amazing, but the way I felt after eating.  I felt sluggish and my sides hurt.  My body has really responded to this new fitness and eating program.  Over this past month I have dropped twelve pounds and have made huge leaps in my overall strength gains.  So not only am I dropping weight, but I am adding lean muscle, which is a very good thing.  My overall productivity has been upped as well.  My apartment is clean, my dog gets walked, I practice my instruments more and am writing much more.  Thus, I am going to keep following this program and stick with it.  It feels really good to see progress.


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