Hardcore is dead

I grew up going to shows that embraced the ideal of HxC ideology. You didn’t have to be straight edge, or some political activist, all you had to do was believe there was a better way of being a person through community and togetherness.  Looking out for your brethren.  Of course, the activism and directional politic-ism came when one became later entrenched in the scene, the values instilled by the bands, the participants and the feeling of community, always led one down a path of optimal trajectory.

I’ve never been an SxE cat.  Never will be.  But I love the feeling at those shows.  It’s like a pair of shoes you put on that feels fucking fantastic and feeds the good part of your ego.  I remember asking Eric Ozene, hey man you straight edge now?  “nah man, I still got these stoch’s (cigs)”.

There’s something real that’s built in a community with conviction.  I believe it’s the same in the military, or in a specific racial group.

I went and saw a couple bands tonight.  The one I will talk about though, is Strife.  Strife was one of the hardest, most cut your throat mutherfucker, hardcore bands of the late 90’s.  They were the shit.  Rick Rodney was a mutherfucker who would eat your babies he was so hardcore.  They played tonight.  Their performance was … alright.  Rodney was spectacularly crazy.   He still has the voice of a male siren screaming through a blow horn of angst and anger, however, the music has lost that sense of community.  He’s a little fucking crazy now.  He broke open his head, banging the microphone against his forhead, and bled the entire show.  He didn’t sing his SxE songs.  The rhythm section was on point, but lackluster, the flare of ’97 was gone.  I went off, because I was never able to see them when I was younger, and well, one must take his balls under his command to run around in a pit with bro’s 2-3x the muscle mass of oneself.

It was exhilarating and fun, and tumultuous, but I am also disappointed.  No longer is the fight for truth on the forefront of this scene.  It’s not even a scene now.  It’s a melting pot of every cat who enjoys some thrash.  There’s nothing to embrace.  I was picking up a shirt for a buddy of mine who couldn’t make the show and the guitar player was just uncharacteristic of a member of hardcore band selling merch.  Pretty much an epic knob. Not a douche, or an asshole, just an apathetic player in something that is making him money.  Perhaps I am asking for too much, our society plays off of over-stimulation, and how can one un-focus from oneself in order to be a more apt disciple of a fallen gospel whilst in the throws of sensory suffocation? I have not the answer to this, for I am seeking equilibrium myself.

Hardcore is dead.  At least here.  I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I am pretty sure I have an accurate hit on this.  I know what makes a scene feel right, and it was all wrong tonight.  Entertained, but disapointed, you mutherfuckers didn’t play ‘blistered‘.  Ears ringing.. I’m out.


I bet you have something to say about that, go ahead, do it here.

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